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My Student Loan was paid off in full, partly by my payments and partly by my service in the Army Reserves.What DCS is trying to do now, is collect 26 yeras of interest only.

You see I enrolled in UWM, in 1981. was not qualified. After wasting 3 years there, I finally enrolled in MATC, where I took high school remedial classes and then went on to graduate. I worked full-time 3rd shift and went to school during the day.

My entire MATC tuion, was paid by me, at a great sacrafice, to my health and two children. I then worked in under priveledged area and filled out the proper forms for payment to Great Lakes.

All those payments were reported lost. I then enlisted in the Army, where there is documentation of loan payments. I also had payments deducted from my payroll, while a student at MATC.

One of DCS collelection agents called mu current employer and solicited information regarding my employment from a receptionist. The HR overheard the call and transfered it to me. A few days later, I received a letter, sating, that starting Febuary 15, 2008, DCS would be garnishing my wages 15%. Currenrly I am the sole supporter of three of my grandchildren, my mother and a niece.

My health is deteriorating, I am trying to remain in the workforce for 4 more years.



SHould be your prob to keep up on your student loans! Pay your bills and wont be garnished! :grin

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